Coach Keith Shepherd
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Meet Our Head Coach:

Keith Shepherd

Player experience:

15 years


10 years referee experience:

• National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA)


• National Professional Soccer League (NPSL)


8 years coaching experience:

• US Kansas State Youth Soccer Association D Licensed Coach


• Olympic Development Program Level Coaching

Coach Keith Shepherd started playing youth soccer in 1975 and he continued to play throughout his childhood.  As a teen, he competed at many levels.  Coach Shepherd won state championships and multiple competitive league championships.  His hard work paid off.  In 1988, he was offered multiple college scholarships.

After college, Coach Shepherd returned to Wichita and got involved in youth soccer again as an official.  In 1994, he was invited into the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA).  Coach Shepherd officiated at college soccer tournaments and leagues.  In 1996, Coach Shepherd became a National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) official.  He enjoyed officiating in this high level of soccer.

However, his soccer road was to change again.  After playing for 15 years and officiating for 10 years, Coach Shepherd turned in his whistle to try his hand at coaching.  He found he truly enjoyed teaching this wonderful game of soccer.

Team Cobra 

Coach Shepherd's coaching background includes four years of holding a level D coaching license.  He has been involved with the Olympic Development Program (ODP) for three years.  Coach Shepherd has previously coached at AYSO and then he started the Wichita Cobras Soccer Club in 2004.  The Wichita Cobras are still going strong today!

2008 Cobra Spring team