Fall Season Soccer 2005
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9/10/05    The Cobras played the Warriors today.  The Cobras weren't up for the challenge.  We played sluggish and didn't pass the ball. The Warriors scored  and we dropped our heads and the score got away from us.

9/11/05    The Cobras played the Twisters today.  The Cobras came out and played much better than we did yesterday.  There are still some things we need to work on.

9/18/05    The Cobras played the United today. The Cobras came out really strong and played a very good first half.  Shocking United if we only could have scored.  Playing well against United is something few teams do, so I was proud of the boys for their effort.  We have had a rough start to our season. Just keep your heads up and playing our game and things will come around for us.

9/24/05  The Cobras played the Lil' Latinos today.  We had some players that were unable to make the game so we only had one substitution.  So the boys worked very hard and played the best they had played yet.  We controlled the ball and passed it to team mates instead of just kicking it away.  We moved the ball up and down the field very well and it looks as if some of our practicing is starting to sink in.  I was very proud of the boys for not dropping their heads or giving up, we played hard the entire game. I think we are coming together and playing more as a team every week.  Things are starting to come around!!

10/1/05  The Cobras played the X-Plosion today.  We played a very hard fought game in the rain.  The Cobras are passing the ball & playing much better.  We are getting better with every game.  Congratulations to Rowan & Hunter on their goals.  I am very proud of the boys.  They are practicing very hard playing more and more as a team.  Cobras keep up the hard work your day is coming.

10/8/05  The Cobras played the Strykers today.  The Cobras took the ball off the opening kick off down the field, crossed it in front of the goal and almost scored first.  The Cobras played much better in the second half than in the first.  We had a few chances but to no prevail.  We need to keep our heads up when we are behind and continue to play hard regardless of the score.  The Cobras continue to work hard at practice and are getting better with every week.  GO COBRAS!!

10/15/05  The Cobras played the Azzurri Inferno today.  Azzurri jumped out to an early lead.  We had our chances to get back in the game.  We had some great pass plays put together but we couldn't finishing them.  The Cobras Dominated the game and possession of the ball, but lost on the score board.  Congratulations to Kody on his well placed goal.  Kody you make a better soccer player than airplane!!  Cobras continue to practice hard and work together and we'll get Azzurri in the Spring!!

10/29/05  The Cobras played the Aztecas today.  We had some great pass plays. we had alot of shots on goal, we just didn't place them well.  We have to continue to work on fighting for the 50/50 balls.  We have to continue to play hard the entire game.  We had a rough season but I think it's clear we have gotten better as a team, and that is important.  As long as we grow as a team, and continue to grow trust in each other and work together things will fall in place for us. I am very proud of all the boys and I'm looking forward to January and playing Indoor Soccer.  Then others better watch out for the Cobras In the Spring.  We are going to bounce back and they won't know what hit them!!