Cobra Fall Soccer 2008
Windy conditions didn't help  this game!  The Cobras just couldn't find the net.  They lost to the Newton Storm 2-0. 
The Heat scored the first goal, but the Cobras fought back and controlled the rest of the game.  They beat the Derby Heat 8-1.  Congratulations Cobras!
A little thunder and lightning can't scare the Cobras away.  Facing a physical challenge, the Cobras didn't shy away.  The first half ran neck and neck with the edge belonging to the Fury.  Then the rain came at the end of the first half, but the Cobras didn't back away.  They came alive in the second half and ran the the Fury down.  The Cobras come away with a 5-3 win.  Way to go Cobras!  Way to hang tough!

The Cobras are very thankful for Brendon and his family.  They have been a part of our Cobra family the last couple of years.  We will miss seeing you all at the games.  Brendon, we will miss seeing all of your defensive moves.  Good luck in Canada!
First game of the season for the Cobras.  Get your motors runnin' guys!!!  The first half was a little slow until the Cobras knocked in that first goal.  Then the Crossfire came back in the second half to score a goal.  The Cobras just couldn't get the goals they needed in the second half.  They tied the game, 1-1.