Juggling Club
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Cobras Juggling Club


Aaron / 100

Matthew / 100

 Rowan / 80

Kody / 30

Christian / 20

Jacob / 10

Ryan / 10



Why a Juggling Club?

Balance, Ball Control and Speed are key elements to becoming the best soccer player you can be. Ball control is what will take you from being a good soccer player to becoming an outstanding soccer player. Mastering the touch of the ball not only improves your game, it can bring you to a higher level of confidence in all aspects of life. Juggling helps you to learn to control the ball in high-pressure game situations. Juggling is an important part of a serious soccer players training.

Through the juggling club, players are encouraged to practice on their own and improve their technique. Through commitment, discipline and repetition players develop beyond their regularly scheduled practices and games. Players are encouraged to practice juggling a minimum of 5-10 minutes everyday.

We will conduct a tryout for players that feel they are ready for the club. We will take time at the end of Friday’s training session to allow players to attempt. The players will have three opportunities to reach their goal. Goals reached away from practice do not count, this must be performed in the presence of a coach. 10 touches are all it takes to join the club. After successfully joining the club the players can receive patches, presented by the coaches, after achieving each level. Levels are set at 10,20,30,40,50,60,80 & 100.

Please congratulate those players that have achieved certain goal and help build the confidence of those players still working towards theirs.