2004-2005 Keith's Corner Kick
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The Cobras won their season opener with a hard fought battle against the Rojos.
I was very proud of all the boys.  We played well from goalkeeper to offense and everyone in between .  
Corey made some wonderful saves keeping the Cobras in the game.  The Defense pulled their trap and shut down the Rojos offense.  The Offense moved the ball between them and created some great opportunities.
With less than three minutes left in the game Connor got the ball in our defensive end and brought it out to Brandon at right forward.  Brandon then made a spinning cross that made it through the middle to Justin on the left side. Justin then shot the ball back on the right side of the goal confusing the goalkeeper and scoring the winning goal.

The Cobras won their second game of the season, breaking the tie for first place with the Lil Latinos. Once again I was very proud of all the boys.  The Cobras started strong and built a 3 to 1 lead at halftime.  In the second half the Latinos closed the gap and tied things up 3 to 3.  Much like the first game the Cobras scored a late goal to win the game. Once again we had a very strong defensive battle.  Rowan & Corey came through with some big saves for us.  Corey saved a Penalty Kick late in the game to keep the Cobras in the match.  Hunter had a big offensive game earning our first HAT TRICK of the Spring!! 

That was a TOUGH ONE!!
The Cobras V. Eagles was a very hard fought physical battle. The Cobras had the wind advantage the first half and were unable to do anything with it. We went into the break tied 0-0.
However early in the second half Justin fired a bullet of a shot into the Eagles goal putting the Cobras ahead 1-0. The Cobras were able to hold off the offensive attack of the Eagles until late in the game.
The Eagles score the equalizer with only a few minutes left and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.
We face the Eagles again the last game of the season.  We are going to have to take more shots on goal and be prepared for a physical battle. 

The Cobras had some players with the opportunity to step up in the absence of others.
With one sub most the Cobras played the entire game.  Kody had a big game hitting the post twice and making some great crosses to the middle.  Hunter scored the game winning goal 15 minutes into the game. The second half Rowan & Ryan played very smart defensive soccer. Stopping and pushing the Rockets out of play and securing the victory for the Cobras.  The Cobras win our third game staying tied at the top of the standings.  We are playing very well but we still need to take more shots on goal.  We face the Rockets again next week.

The Cobras played like the Kansas weather!!
The first 15 minutes of the game we played our best soccer yet!!
We were all over them like flies!!  We had multiple opportunities to score but didn't.
Then 15 minutes in we scored the first goal of the game.  Then someone flipped a switch!!
The Cobras quit playing our game.  We started watching the 50/50 balls.  Our Offense wasn't passing the ball and our defense allowed them to drive straight up the middle for a goal.  At halftime we were losing 1-2.  The second half the Cobras weren't able to turn things around.  We missed on the couple of opportunities we had and lost 1-3.  If we play like we did the later part of todays game these last three games are going to be upsetting, but if we play like we did the first 15 minutes there isn't a team in our group that can compete with us.  So lets get things worked out this week at practice and be ready to face the Latinos.


 (4/23/05)                                                                                                                              COBRAS SPLIT WINS WITH THE LIL LATINOS  

Cobras suffered a hard fought loss to the Latinos Saturday.  The Cobras defensively played strong for the most part.  However, this weekend the Latino's #8 was too strong for us.  Our offense played well pushing the ball up the field, but we continue to not shoot the ball when we need too and allow their defense to win the ball back. 

Cobras don't drop your chins.  We are still in this battle!  We have two weeks to practice and be ready to face the Rojos.   I believe we are a great soccer team and good things are going to happen for us!

(5/7/05)                                                                                                                                                  THAT WAS A WET ONE!!

Cobras split wins with the Rojos in the rain.  the Cobras played hard but were unable to find the goal.  We controlled the ball and the play, we just couldn't finish.  The boys made the coaches proud playing hard and not giving up despite the conditions.  It's hard to accept defeat when you out play your opponent.  Sometimes things just don't fall your way,  but we continue because we know we are a great soccer team and we will have our day soon.

(5/14/05)                                                                                                                                                          A TOUGH SEASON FINALLY

Cobras played hard against the Eagles but came up short 2-0.  We had our chances but were unable to capitalize and that was the difference in the game.  We played very well with both goalies making some super saves.  Our defenders held them to few opportunities.  The offense moved the ball well.  We had some perfect crosses from our forwards, we just came up short on finishing.  I am proud of the boys for not dropping their heads and playing hard to the final whistle.


The season was so close it came down to the final game to split the top teams.  The Cobras finished in third place behind the Eagles (1st) and the Latinos (2nd).  I know the end of the season was upsetting for some.  Things looked good for the Cobras then we let it slip away.  But we need to realize we were the only first year team in the "A" group and we are now one of the top teams in our age group.  I am very proud of the players for keeping their composer and playing hard at the end when it seemed like things were stacked against us.  I think we have a fantastic team, some great sponsors and the best support group in youth sports!!  I hope we are able to keep this group together for many seasons to came.  I enjoy everyone involved and hope you all enjoy soccer and the Cobras as much as my family and I have. 

I want to thank all the parents and families for all the support.  I'd like to thank coach Wayne for all his knowledge of the game, time and passion he's given the team.  I think he is a great coach and the boys enjoy him very much.  We had a Great season and I look for us to make a strong showing in the season ending tournament.