Spring 2006
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3/19/06 - Cobras had two games in the freezing rain over the weekend.  Saturday we played the Lightning and the Cobras never got warmed up!!  Sunday wasn't as cold and we played much better against the X-plosion.  We were aggressive and fought hard.  Rowan, Connor and Brendon made a strong defensive stand, keeping the ball on the X-plosion's defensive half of the field the majority of the game.  Congratulations to Hunter on his break away goal.  The Cobras had the X-plosion down but let them sneak back in at the end and came out with a tie.  GOOD GAME COBRAS!!

3/25/06 - Cobras played the Newton Storm today.  Jared got us started with an early goal beating the defense from the weak side.  Then Grant scored his first goal beating the goalkeeper on the near post.  Congratulations to Grant on his first goal!!  At halftime the score was tied 2-2.  The second half the Cobras came out fired up and Jacob scored first dribbling through the defense and beating the goalkeeper.  Kody then scored two goals.  One shot hard to the corner, the second Kody got himself in position to deflect a save from their goalkeeper back into the goal.  Then late in the game Jacob received a pass through the defense giving him a one-on-one break.  Once again Jacob beat the goalkeeper to the right.  All and all, the Cobras defense played exceptional and we've lit a spark in our offense.  Watch out here comes the COBRAS!!

4/15/06 - Cobras played the Flyers today with the Kansas winds in full force.  Cobras defense controlled the first half creating many opportunities.  Seven minutes into the game Jake found Hunter coming up the middle to start the scoring.  Just before halftime Kody scored beating the goalkeeper in the top right corner.  At halftime with the score 2-0, we had a talk with the boys about controlling their shots and explained we had to start finishing better.  The boys must have listened because the Cobras came out on FIRE!!  We scored two goals inside three minutes.  Brandon & Hunter both scored off of two perfectly crossed balls from the left by Jake.  Midway in the second half the Flyers got on the score board with a set free kick.  Late in the game Brandon got himself in position to receive a deflected ball by the goalkeeper and put it back in the open goal.  Cobras won 5-1 and are looking forward to the Bluelightning next weekend.

4/22/06 - Cobras played the Blue Lightning Saturday.  Cobras were short handed for this game.  Cobras came out and controlled the first half.  We put multiple scoring opportunities together but were unable to finish.  Hunter was able to score dribbling up the middle and beating the goalkeeper in the corner and we went into half time tied 1-1.  Cobras came out for the second half a little sluggish.  Hunter was able to score again much like his goal in the first half. But in the end the Cobras simply ran out of gas and lost 2-4.  We have to bounce back this week and prepare ourselves for the Azzurri Infernos.  GO COBRAS!!

4/29/06 - Cobras played the Azzurri Infernos on Saturday.  The Cobras once again played a very strong defensive game, giving our offense many opportunities.  Hunter got things started with a strong shot to the lower right corner from way outside.  Hunter was able to score two more times before games end, giving him the honor of the first "Hat Trick" of the season.  Congratulations Hunter!!  Brandon & Jake got in on the scoring as well.  Brandon beat the goalkeeper in the near corner & Jake put it over his head in the far corner.  Way to go Offense!!  The defensive play of the game was when Madelin swooped in and pulled the ball off the goal line saving a sure goal.  Great Defense Madelin!! (Brendon owe's you one).  Cobras finished with a 5-2 victory.  Practice hard this week Cobras, we have a big game Saturday against the Lightning.

5/13/06 - Cobras played the Newton Storm Saturday.  The Cobras defense recorded it's first shutout of the season.  Congratulations goes to Brendon, Grant, Connor, Rowan & Brandon.  Great defense guys!!  We had many opportunities in the first half but went into halftime 1-0 on a shot from Brandon beating the goalkeeper on the near post.  The second half started much like the first. We were playing great giving ourselves lots of opportunities.  Jake broke things open scoring four goals in the second half.  Congratulations to Jake on the "Hat Trick".  With ten minutes left we pulled Brendon out of goal and he scored his first goal of the season. Way To Go Brendon!!  All of the Cobras played very well on both ends of the field and have put themselves in position to play for first place next weekend!!  Great Job Cobras!!

5/20/06 - Cobras played the Lightning this weekend for first place.  It all came down to one game!!  The Cobras played exceptional on both ends of the field.  Controlling the game and giving ourselves multiple chances to score.  Our defense held the Lightnings high scoring offense to two goals.  Our Offense controlled the ball but either missed just wide or hit the post a few to many times.  The Cobras gave a Valiant push late but were unable to catch the Lightning.  Final score Lightning- 2 Cobras- 1.  Cobras I want you to know I couldn't be more proud of you guys.  You never gave up, we had them running scared the entire second half.  Even though we were behind and the clock was winding down not a single player dropped their head or didn't give 100%.  You guys have come so far in this past season and are playing so well as a team.  Next season we won't be playing for first place our final game.  Because we will already have first place locked up!! 

ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!                                                                                                 Keith