Spring Soccer Session 2007
Cobras traveled to Kansas City to participate in the Patriot Cup over Memorial Day Weekend.
It was a battle of the defenses and a real nail biter!  The Cobras and the Storm were tied 0-0 at halftime.  The Cobras finally broke it open in the second half with a PK kick but the Storm answered right back with a shot on goal.  Tied at 1-1, which way would it go?  In the final minute of the game, the Storm broke through the Cobra defense and scored another goal.  The Cobras lost 2-1.  They finish the season out with second place in their divison. 
Hot! Hot! Hot!  The first few minutes kicked off with a quick goal and then another.  Then the Cobras started to fizzle and by halftime, the score was tied 2-2.  Were the Cobras done?  In the second half, they scored on a corner kick and started to sizzle.  They came roaring back with two more cornerkick goals!  Cobras beat the Azzurri 5-2.  Way to get your game on Cobras!!!
Ridin' on a Kansas Gale, the Cobras blasted through the Azzurri defense.  The team was hot!  They scored two goals in the first half and followed with another two in the second half.  Cobras pull out a big win!  The final score was 4-1. 
Could the Cobras win again today?  You bet!  The Cobras swarmed in and score 4 goals in the first half.  The second half started off tight but the Cobras came back with a penalty kick score.  The final score was 5-0.  Way to go Cobras!
The stage was set for another defensive battle with the Cobras and the Rockets.  The Cobras hung onto win with some tough defense.  The final score was 1-0.  Paybacks are sweet!
The Rockets were lucky in the first half with a goal shot.  The minutes were ticking away and the Cobras could not get their shots to fall.  Rockets win 1-0.  Cobras will be looking for payback next Saturday.  And Cobras, we know you can do it!!!
Wow!  What a game!  Everyone was in the groove, making great plays and scoring!  Way to go, Defense, you held them scoreless!  Cobras win big with a score of 8-0.
Cobras dominated in the first half.  Things started to slip away in the second half and then the Cobras roared back to tie the game 3-3.