Spring Soccer Season 2007

SPRING 2007 S.C.S.A.                                          COBRAS HIGHLIGHTS

Cobras added a few new players in the indoor season.  We finished up the indoor season with a big win and have been practicing hard in preparation for the Spring outdoor season.  Cobras kick off our season Saturday March 31st against the Newton Storm.   Good Luck Cobras!!

3/31/07- RAINED OUT - Rescheduled for 5/06/07.

4/07/07-  Cobras opened our season against the ICT Crossfire.  Crossfire came into the game with a 2-0 record and tied for first place.  Cobras took control from the opening kickoff, passing and moving the ball together well.  Colin started off the scoring by placing a penalty kick low in the corner just out of the goalkeepers reach.  The Cobras had many chances to score early, just missing the mark!  Then Andre received a pass up the middle and put the ball over the goalkeepers head, putting the Cobras up 2-0.  The Cobras defense completely shut down the Crossfire the first half.  Pulling them offside and not allowing a single shot on goal. 

The second half was much tougher!  Cobras didn't play as aggressive as we did in the first half, allowing the Crossfire back in the game.  The Crossfire scored three unanswered goals, going ahead 3-2.  At this point I was very proud to see the Cobras pull together and not give up.  Late in the game the Cobras offense broke towards the goal.  Andre's shot was low and hard.  Despite a great effort by their goalkeeper the ball bounced in the goal.  After several late offensive surges the Cobras were unable to score again and the game ended a 3-3 tie.  

For the first game of the season the Cobras did a great job.  The offense & defense both had fantastic games!  Ryan had a great game as goalkeeper and the team is coming together more each practice.



4/14/07- RAINED OUT - Rescheduled for 4/28/07


4/21/07- FINALLY after weeks of waiting the Cobras played against the Electrifiers today.  The Cobras started the scoring early.  Andre brought the ball in from the left side beating the keeper on the far post.  Minutes later Colin received a pass up the middle from Brendon.  Colin turned and fired the ball into the net.   Our third goal was much like our first with Andre scoring from the left side.  Then Colin once again found himself in the middle with the ball.  He beat one defender and again placed the ball away from the keeper.  Then Matthew got loose on the right side dribbling around the outside of the defense and turned for the goal.  Matthew put the ball just inside the near post for our fifth goal.  Aaron scored our sixth goal by splitting the defense and rattled the net from outside.  The Cobras went into halftime with a 6-0 lead. 

The second half the Cobras came out with a slightly different lineup but continued to control the game.  The Cobras seventh goal was a beautiful string of passes.  Jacob brought the ball up from the left side, he then crossed it to Kody.  As the defense collapsed on Kody he passed the ball back in the middle were Rowan was closing in and put the ball in the corner away from the keeper.  GREAT TEAMWORK COBRAS!  With a big shot from outside Andre scored our eighth and final goal.  Congratulation goes to Andre for our first "HAT TRICK" of the season.  The Cobras defense and goalkeepers were FANTASTIC!  recording our first "SHUTOUT" of the season.



4/22/07-  Cobras played the Rockets today.  Cobras took control of the ball from the beginning.  We had many opportunities but were unable to capitalize on any of them.  The Rockets had one shot on goal and were able to score.  We went into halftime down 0-1.  The second half the cobras again controlled the game, but again were unable to score.  The Cobras suffered our first lose 0-1.  Defensively we played great only allowing a single shot on goal.  Offensively we controlled the ball  we were just unable to finish.  We play the Rockets again next Saturday.  The Cobras are going to practice hard this week and work for better results next week. 



4/28/07-  Cobras had a double header today with the Rockets & EFC Lightning.  The weather was fantastic and it was a great day for soccer!

We started the day at 9:00 am against the Rockets.  The game was much like the previous game between us two.  We controlled the ball and had multiple chances to score, but were just unable to finish.  Twenty minutes into the game Andre brought the ball in from the left side.  As he crossed it the defender's arm came up and knocked down the cross.  HANDBALL! Cobras had a penalty kick.  Andre buried the ball in the right corner of the goal and the Cobras went into halftime up 1-0.  The second half the Cobras once again controlled the ball but were unable to score.  Late in the game the Rockets had two scoring opportunities and Ryan came up with some big saves to secure our third SHUT-OUT! and a 1-0 victory.

The second game was at 3pm against the EFC Lightning.  The Cobras once again took charge from the opening kickoff.  Early in the game Andre crossed the ball in from the left side.  The ball deflected off of a defender and in the goal.  The Cobras went up 1-0 early.  The Cobras practiced our corner kicks this week in practice and it paid off big!!  Andre took the corner kicks and placed them perfectly!  Brendon & Jacob both scored on back to back corner kicks. Both boys were aggressive, attacking the ball out of the air.  Maybe they really do listen to us coaches at practice!!  Just before halftime Rowan had the ball and played a perfect pass through to Andre who scored our fourth goal.  Cobras went into halftime up 4-0.  The second half we had alot of opportunities but were unable to finish, hitting the posts or kicking it right at the keeper. With 10 minutes left we pulled Ryan out of the goal and put Aaron in to close the deal for us!  With three minutes left in the game the Cobras were given a free kick 25 yards out.  Ryan took the free kick and placed it just inside the right post scoring our fifth and final goal.  Cobras beat the EFC Lightning 5-0 and moved into a tie for second place.  The Cobras offense dominated both games and the defense scored two more "SHUT-OUTS".  WAY TO GO COBRAS!!



5/5/07- Cobras played the undefeated Azzurri Inferno this weekend.  The Cobras played very well putting together a FANTASTIC! team effort.  Our defense completely frustrated Azzurri's Offense (and parents) with our speed and offside trap.  Ryan made some big saves keeping his team on top.  The Cobras offense moved the ball well and controlled most of the play.  Andre started the scoring nine minutes into the game.  He got the ball in the center and dribbled around the left side of the defense and shot the ball in the lower left corner of the goal.  Minutes later Christian got control of the ball at midfield and played it forward to Andre.  Andre instantly turned and passed the ball through the defense where Matthew was breaking for the goal.  Matthew received the pass and beat the keeper, keeping the ball low and away from the keeper's reach.  Cobra's went into halftime up 2-0.  At halftime we talked about what we need to do offensively.  We needed two goals early to put this one away.  Defensively we needed to continue working the trap and dominating their offense.  The second half started with the Cobras on FIRE!!  Our offense was moving the ball well and creating multiple opportunities.  Three minutes in Andre received a pass through from Colin.  Andre then beat two defenders and placed the ball inside the near post.  Putting the Cobras up 3-0.  Minutes later Brendon was bringing the ball down the left side of the field.  Brendon turned for goal and passed the ball through to Matthew in the penalty area.  Matthew was pulled down by a defender and a penalty kick was awarded.  Rowan was selected for the penalty kick.  Rowan shot the ball hard, just under the cross bar.  The goalkeeper made a good effort to stop it, but Rowan had put to much power on the ball and it went on in to the goal.  GREAT SHOT!  The Cobras had done exactly what we had asked of them.  We scored two goals in the first five minutes of the second half and put the game out of reach.  Late in the game Azzurri scored a goal, making the final score 4-1. 


Lets continue working hard together to achieve our goals!!


5/12/07- The Cobras had a warm day for the second leg of our Azzurri challenge.  The Cobras knew going into todays game what we needed to do to achieve our goals and we didn't waste anytime getting started!!  We stole the ball on the opening kick-off and drove down the field cutting through their defense.  Andre received the ball past the defense and beat the keeper scoring our first goal eleven seconds into the game.  It looked as if the Cobras would put this one away early but Azzurri came fighting back and scored an equalizer.  On the ensuing kick-off the Cobras did exactly as we had practiced the night before.  Aaron kicked the ball off to Brendon.  Brendon then played the ball outside where Andre was coming around the defense.  Andre turned for the goal and drew the keeper to him.  He then passed the ball back in the center where Aaron was waiting to put the ball in the open net.  The Cobras went up 2-1.  GREAT TEAMWORK COBRAS!!   Late in the first half the Cobras started to feel the heat and looked to be slowing down.  Azzurri took advantage and scored an equalizer just before halftime.  We went into halftime tied 2-2.  At halftime we talked about where we wanted to be at the end of the game and what we had to do to get there.  The second half was "The Half of the Corner Kick".  The Cobras have been practicing our corner kicks very hard.  Knowing each one is a chance at goal.  If we place the ball in front of the goal and attack the ball things will happen!!  Early in the second half Aaron got on the end of Andre's corner kick, scoring his second goal and putting the Cobras on top 3-2.  Minutes later we had another corner kick opportunity.  This time Andre did a BECKHAM and curved the ball into the far side of the goal.  Jacob capped off the scoring by once again scoring off of a corner kick.  Azzurri didn't give up and continued to play hard but Ryan and the Cobra's defense were too much!!  The Cobras won 5-2 and moved one step closer to our goal.



5/20/07- Today was the day of the BIG GAME!!  It came down to a head to head battle against the Cobras and The Storm for first place.  The game was an intense defensive battle and both teams played very well.  The Cobras had our opportunities to score throughout the game as did the Storm.  Ryan and the defense made some big saves keeping the Cobras in the game.  The scoring got started late in the game with the Cobras being rewarded a penalty kick.  Andre put the ball low and away from the keeper and the Cobras went up 1-0 with eight minutes left in the game.  Less than a minute later the Storm scored an equalizer with a through pass up the middle.  The score was again tied 1-1.  The Cobras had two quality opportunities at goal in the last five minutes, but were unable to score.  With seconds left the Storm scored and went ahead 2-1.  Then it was over!  The Cobras had came out and left it all on the field.  We played hard, we played with heart, the game could have went either way.  It just wasn't our day!

The Cobras had a Fantastic season with five wins, three of those were shut outs.  One tie and two loses,  both loses by only one goal.  In eight games we scored 27 goals and only allowed 9.  We put 16 points on the standings and finished the season in second place.  WAY TO GO COBRAS!!


Patriot Cup Tournament-  The tournament was a great experience for all.  Everyone had alot of fun and got to see some tough competitive soccer!  The experience showed us what we excel at and what we need to work on come Fall practices. 

Congratulations goes to all the boys on a well played tournament!  But I have to mention the goal that got us started in our final game.  Christian has played solid defense for the Cobras for season after season and never once has he complained about not scoring.  Sunday Christian got his chance!!  With the pressure of being down 0-1 in our final game and with crowds gathered around the goal watching.  Christian stepped to the penalty spot.  With Mom,Dad & big sister all stressed out on the sidelines!!  Christian placed the ball perfectly in the upper 90!!  The keeper never had a chance!  That got the Cobras started and we went on to win 2-1 in the last minute.  WAY TO GO COBRAS!!!

All and all I think the tournament was a fantastic growing experience for the team.  We got everything out of our first traveling tournament we could expect.  I'm proud of how the team played and thought we made a great showing!!