Winter Soccer Jan-Feb 2006
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01/07/06    Today we played our first indoor game of the season.  Even though most of the players had not played together or some even practice together.  I thought the boys played very well.  I was especially happy to see the boys come back from a two goal deficit and not drop their heads and settle.  We need to work on our passing and moving the ball as a team.  Which will come with time together.  We play Guerriero's again later in the season so we will be able to see how the boys come together as a team.

01/14/06  Today we played the Lightning.  It was tough to lose like that.  The uniform situation was confusing for all involved. We had opportunities to create plays on the offensive and defensive ends of the field and didn't work together very well. We had trouble keeping possession of the ball in our transition from defense to offense, which is no fault of the boys.  We need to get a practice together and work on these issues.  The boys did well to continue fighting and not giving up.  Congratulations to Jerod on his goal and to Brendon & CJ for some fantastic saves.  Lets get pumped up this week at practice and come back strong next week.

01/21/06  Today we played the Warlords.  It was a tough fought game.  We had many chances to close the door and just fell a little bit short!  The boys are moving the ball together much better and the transition from defense to offense is looking great.  Brendon & Corey made some fantastic saves keeping our team in the game.  Congratulations to Kody, Rowan & Brendon for goals scored.  There were some wonderful passes and opportunities to score late that made for an exciting finish.  Keep working together as a team and things will continue to fall in place. 

01/29/06  We played two games this weekend.  Friday night we played against the Lightning.  We are continuing to progress as a team working the ball together. We controlled the play more this time we played them and we had our moments we really shined. Sunday Afternoon we played against Cruz Azul.  We didn't play as well as we have been and let one get away from us that shouldn't have.  

02/04/06  Today we played the Cyclones.  We played very well the first half but tired in the second and they came back to get us.  It was good to see the passing and scoring opportunities we created.  We need to work on our finishing and continue to be aggressive at all times.  Congratulations to CJ for his score off the assist by Kody.  Cobras keep your heads up and stay positive.  We have a big game on Friday. 

02/10/06  Today we played the Guerriero's again.  With the same results.  We played their game instead of spreading out, passing and shooting accurately.  We had multiple opportunities we just couldn't ever finish.  We should have won by a large margin and settled for a tie.  Cobras we have got to play our positions and move the ball as a team.  Our final game is this friday.  Go Cobras!!